Kolbeh Kabob Persian & Mediterranean Cuisine
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- Kolbeh Kabob Sample Menu -


Kashke-Bademjan $6.99
Eggplant sauteed mixed with whey sauteed onion and mint

Mast O Khiar $5.99
Plain yogurt mixed with Persian cucumber mint, green onion

Mast O Moosier $5.99
Persian shallots aged in plain yogurt mixed fresh garlic

Bademjan Borani $6.99
Eggplant mixed with sauteed garlic, onion, tomatoes topped with yogurt

Humus $5.99
Garbanzo beans, garlic and olive mixed with house secret seasoning

Dolmeh $5.99
Stuffed graped leaves with rice and herbs topped with barberries

Green Salad $6.99
Baby romaine, cucumbers, cabbage, shredded carrots, and feta cheese, olive oil and your choice of house dressing or Mediterranean balsamic vinaigrette

Shirazi Salad $5.99
Diced cucumbers, tomatoes, green onion, mint, lemon and olive oil

Soup of the Day (Lentil or Barley) $4.99

Torshi $5.99
(pickled vegetables or aged pickled garlic)

Tadig $9.99
Choice of one stew on top of crunchy rice: Ghormeh or Ghiamah

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Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Kabob $14.99
Colorful combination of fresh marinated mushrooms, zucchini, squash, onions and bell peppers

Addas Polo $14.99
Cinnamon rice, lentils, raison, sauteed onion served with a vegetarian kabob

Baghali Polo $14.99
Herbs and fava beans mixed with rice served with a vegetarian kabob

Stamboly Polo $14.99
Green beans, garlic, tomatoes, onion, mixed with rice and skewer of vegetarian kabob

Vegetarian Eggplant $14.99
Eggplant cooked with garlic, herbs, tomatoes and sauteed onions

Vegetarian Okra $14.99
Okra sauteed with onion, garlic tomatoes, herbs

Vegetarian Ghormeh Sabzi $14.99
Combination of seven herbs and greens sauteed with onion and garlic and mixed with house spices and served with a side of rice

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Steaks & Beef Dishes

Koobideh (House ground beef) $15.99
Ground up beef with onion and seasoning

Barg (Filet mignon) $20.99
Sliced, seasoned & marinated filet minion flame cooked

Sultani $23.99
Barg (filet mignon) and koobideh

Shish Kabob $21.99
Marinated rib eye skewered and served with veggie skewer

Changeh Kabob $20.99
Tender pieces of filet mignon and rib eye marinated & skewered & cooked over an open flame

Top Sirloin $17.99
Aged USDA beef flame cooked to your taste

New York Steak $19.99
USDA beef aged and seasoned & cooked to your taste

Rib Eye $21.99
Rib Eye, aged and seasoned & cooked to your taste

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Lamb Dishes

Lamb Koobideh $16.99
Ground lamp mixed with onions and seasoning

Lamb Shank $16.99
Lamb shank cooked with garlic & onions

Lamb Shish Kabob $22.99
Lamb sirloin marinated, seasoned and cooked over an open flame served with a vegitable skewer

Lamb Barg $22.99
Lamb rib eye sliced, marinated & seasoned & flame cooked

Eggplant Stew with Lamb $14.99
Lamb cooked with eggplant, garlic, tomatoes & onion

Ghormeh Sabzi with Lamb (Stew) $14.99
Lamb cooked with a variety of herbs and green leafy vegetables

Ghiameh Stew with Lamb (Stew) $14.99
Lamb cooked with tomatoes, onion, garlic & split peas

Lamb Sultani $25.99
Combination of lamb koobideh and lamb barg

Lamb Shish Leek $25.99
Lamb loin chops flame cooked served with vegetable skewer

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Chicken Dishes

Chicken Kabob (Breast or Thigh) $14.99
Chicken breast or thigh sliced & marinated and flame cooked

Chicken Koobideh $14.99
Combination of ground breast & thigh mixed, seasoned, skewered & cooked over an open flame

Chicken Shish Kabob $19.99
Chicken breast or thigh sliced, marinated & flame cooked & served with a skewer of vegetables

Fesenjan $16.99
A puree of pomegranate & walnut sauce, cooked with chicken & sauteed with onions & other seasoning

Cornish Hen Kabob (Bone in) $16.99
Chicken kabob with bone, skewered and flame cooked

Chicken Sutani (Combo) $20.99
Conbination of chicken kabob & chicken koobideh

Chicken Zereshk Pollo(Bar berries rice) $18.99
Basmati rice mixed with bar berries, served with chicken barg

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Seafood and Combination Plates

Tiger Prawns $21.99
Tiger prawns seasoned and served with a vegetable skewer

Salmon $21.99
Marinated filet of salmon served with a vegetable skewer

Pan Fried Tilapia $18.99
Seasoned & marinated tilapia filet, pan-fried and served with rice

All Koobideh $22.99
Combination of beef, chicken & lamb koobideh

Shish Kabob Combo (Serves 2) $41.99
Lamb and beef shish kabob served with a vegetable skewer

Fish Combo (Serves 2) $41.99
Salmon and the catch of the day served with a vegetable skewer

Seafood Combo (Serves 3) $61.99
Tiger prawns, salmon and the catch of the day served with a vegetable skewer

Sultan Feast (Serves 3 to 4) $70.99
Lamb, beef, chicken, vegetables and two skewers of koobideh

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11am to 3 pm (Monday - Friday)

Beef Koobideh $9.99
Ground USDA beef mixed with seasoning and onion

Chicken Koobideh $9.99
Ground chicken breast and thigh mixed with seasoning

Lamb Koobideh $9.99
Ground leg of lamb mixed with seasoning, onion and garlic

Chicken Kabob $9.99
Chicken meat seasoned and marinated (choice of breast or thigh)

Vegetarian Kabob $9.99
Mushroom, eggplant, pepper, onion, squash, seasoned and served with rice

Lamb Shish Kabob $10.99
Tender and juicy pieces of lamb marinated and
skewered with vegetable

Beef Shish Kabob $10.99
Tender pieces of rib eye seasoned and skewered with rice

Changed Kabob $11.99
Small pieces of filet mignon, rib eye skewered and served with rice

Salmon $11.99
Marinated filet of salmon

Prawns Kabob $12.99
Black tiger prawns seasoned and skewered with vegetables served with rice

All entrees are served with plain basmati rice, grilled tomatoes and lemon.
Substitute plain rice with
Bagahali Polo $3.00
Addas Polo $3.00
Stamboloy Polo $3.00
Zeriskh Polo $4.00

** Add any of the following to your entree
Green Salad $3.99
Skewer of veggies $5.99
Soup $3.99

***All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

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